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Satvam Bharat located at Airoli Navi Mumbai Maharashtra India established in year 2012 with vision to create awareness about ancient modern science by means of sharing knowledge in the form of Yoga, Agnihotra and Reiki,

Since then Satvam Bharat is closely working on conducting sessions of Yoga , Agnihotra in Navi Mumbai and have then extended this to across India and also part of European contries. These sessions were designed and focused to help each individual live a better and healthy life.

We at Satvam Bharat strongly believes that Yoga, Agnihotra and Reiki helps to connect with nature around you, We consider ourself very fortunate to be introduced to this powerful Ancient technique of Yog , Agnihotra and Reiki and hopes to spread this ancient wisdom to  every home of the world to promote a Vedic and harmonious lifestyle.

Satvam Bharat is commited and has reached out to thousands of participants and has initiated them in this unique Ancient technique called Agnihotra.


‪+91 70582 68900‬



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