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Sangeetaji learnt Agnihotra in Oct 2021 during Agnihotra Demo session conducted at Mulund Hari Om CHS.

Experience of Agnihotra Ash on Skin Psoriasis

My Uncle had taken Agnihotra ash orally for skin psoriasis which he was suffering since 2 to 3 years. Under the guidance or Mandarjis wife and Shilpa thought me to make Agnihotra ointment for him .which he applied to his Problem areas of the skin

He even used Essential oils and other ointment also. His skin has shown drastic improvement .Sending the pictures of before and after .

Thanks Shilpa and Mr Mandar

Mr. DEBASIS Das was suffering from leg disease since 5 years and was taking Allopathic medicine but there was no result.

Saurav Bera our Sadhak from Kolkatta recommended Debasisji to apply Agnihotra ash and consume Ash and here is the result with in 2 months it started healing completely

We salute Saurav for spreading this awareness in KOLKATTA

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