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Agnihotra ancient science as healing to detox

To Detox, Maintain Health and for Treatment of Illness

See Monica Koch’s book ‘Homa Therapy, The Ancient Science of Healing’

In General

Perform Agnihotra twice daily or as often as your life style will allow. Sit with spine straight and directly square with the pyramid on the East or West side. A sick person or animal should sit as closely to the Eastern side of the pyramid as possible. Just before Agnihotra take a pinch of ash on its own or in water.

Take ½ tsp ash at least 3 times per day.

Put a tsp of ash in a jug of water. Stir around and let settle. Allow the ash to charge up the water for 3 days. Let that be the water you and your family drink. Thereafter keep topping up with water and every now and then add more ash. The jug needs to be of glass or ceramic, not plastic or metal other than copper.

Put a couple of handfuls of ash regularly in your water tank or water supply eg once a week.

Make a ready supply of ash and ghee ointment or crème and apply to any problem area such as a bruise, a twisted ankle, skin problems like psoriasis or eczema, over a painful organ or in the area of a tumour, on a sore throat etc. Apply ash and ghee on an open wound, except a ‘wet’ oozing wound, then apply dry Agnihotra ash powder,. The ghee will conduct the healing qualities of the ash into the body where it is required.

Purify and magnify the healing properties of any natural remedy by placing on the Eastern side of the pyramid at Agnihotra sunset and leave there to receive the benefits of Agnihotra sunrise.


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