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Agnihotra Ash

It has been found that the agnihotra ash which is left behind is far more superior chemically. The chemical analysis of agnihotra ash has unexplainable properties. The ash is nothing but a combination of rice grains, Indian breed cows ghee (clarified butter made from Indian cows milk), the copper vessel and Indian cow’s dung. In the chemical composition of these ingredients there is maximum of 34 chemical elements present. but Something surprising happens when you burn together at sunrise time . if it is analyzed, the ash which is formed after the agnihotra will have 92 chemical elements. Scientises are puzzeled as to where this additional 58 elements came from. Because of this unusual phenomena it has been called as miracle ash.


Agnihotra at Sunrise today


Thanks to Ravi Lad

Whatsapp for Demos : +917058268900

Satvam Bharat Navi Mumbai

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