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Agnihotra Ash experience by Somenath Dey

Greetings to all the group members. Myself Somenath Dey and I am from West Bengal. I have been brushing my teeth everyday in the morning with agnihotra ash since 16th Jan, 2023. Initially I was not comfortable to do it as I have been brushing with toothpaste since my birth. But after 2-3 days, I became used to it and never felt the desire to brush with toothpaste. After brushing with agnihotra ash I rinse the mouth with plain water once or twice. Then I use sesame oil(Til tel) for oil pulling i.e. take one teaspoon of oil and rinse the mouth with this oil for a while.

After performing this whole process, the mouth becomes fresh and this freshness lasts for a longer time than with toothpaste.

Earlier, when I was using toothpaste, the feeling of bad breath and bad taste could be felt after waking up in the morning. But after switching over to agnihotra ash, this feeling of bad breath or bad taste in the mouth after waking up in the morning has reduced significantly. The reduction is so significant that now even if I just rinse the mouth with plain water and don't use agnihotra ash, the freshness of the mouth returns.

In addition, I use an earthen pot(kalas) to store my drinking water and put a teaspoon of agnihotra ash into this water. Then I drink this water in a copper jug or any other copper pot. Whenever a copper pot is not available, I use a steel pot. I have been continuing this practice for a few months. This water feels more tasty and quenches the thirst much better than any other drinking water in a plastic bottle. Now this practice has changed me so much from inside that while at home, I can never drink water from a plastic bottle. Plastic bottles come to use only when I am outside my home and not carrying the drinking water in any metallic bottle.

I express my sincere gratitude to Mandar ji for spreading the knowledge & practice of Agnihotra to every corner of our beloved country. I bow down in respect to his dedication towards Agnihotra. 🙏

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