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Agnihotra demo for Bollywood Actor Shri Suresh Oberoi

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Join us on a spiritual journey like no other as we delve into the ancient practice of AgniHotra. Guided by us along with _Shri Dr Amol Ahiwale_ MBBS Radiologist and Bollywood's brightest star _Shri Suresh Oberoi ji_ . 🌟

In a world filled with glitz and glamour, Shri Suresh Oberoi ji has experienced the profound benefits of AgniHotra, a Vedic fire ritual which he was aware of earlier. This sacred Agnihotra practice cleanses the mind, body, and soul, promoting harmony & wellness and bringing balance back to our hectic life.

Indeed it was privilege for Satvam Bharat Team to demonstrate the process of Trayambakam Havan and do the demo of Agnihotra with Shri Suresh Oberoi ji. We also shared our learnings & experiences of doing Agnihotra on daily basis.

The vision of Satvam Bharat is to reach every home across country and spread the use of Agnihotra as an ancient wellness method. You will be amazed to know that performing daily Agnihotra costs less than 5 Rs per day and gives you life long of health benefits.

This ancient vedic Indian technique of Agnihotra has been widely practiced not only in India but across the globe. There is lot of scientific research done and today western world also acknowledge's these scientific benefits of Agnihotra.

During Agnihotra session we all witnessed the lighting of the sacred fire, the recitation of powerful mantras at the right time and offering of grains into the yagna creating an atmosphere of tranquility and inner peace.

In today's era when everything is uncertain & polluted, our generation is already experiencing ill effects of lot of natural calamities like Tsunami, Earthquake, Global warming, Droughts, heavy rainfall, wild fires as well as life threatening diseases like cancer, Heart ailments, diabetes etc. Agnihotra gives a ray of hope to all of human kind and experience this harmonious life with overall wellness.

We really appreciate Shri Suresh Oberoi ji for his work towards the betterment of the society and their contribution for different causes for uplifting the human kind. We feel the need of more such people to join hands and connect together with the larger section of society to spread the goodness and wellbeing of Agnihotra.

Reach us for more information and scheduling of the demo of Agnihotra.




Thank you,

Satvam Bharat

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