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Agnihotra experience for migraine

Estela Rodríguez

Armenia, Colombia,

South America.

"My experience is, that I have suffered for more than 20 years from a terrible migraine headache.

Many Doctors treated me, but I never got healed. I was always told that this will be a lifelong problem and it had no cure. Yesterday, I went to the Agnihotra ceremony at the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was outdoors under a tremendous sun. I had no umbrella, or anything to protect me from that extreme heat. I cannot bear heat and I thought I was going to die. I was for 2 hours under this sun. It was 13:30 and I had not eaten anything. This is another thing I cannot do, because being hungry also increases my headache. But I spent the whole day without migraine. What a great experience! I’ve been coming to the Agnihotra sessions for 2 months. I consume its ash and I’m perfectly fine."


Agnihotra solution for all kind of pollution




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