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Agnihotra Experience on high blood pressure

Armandina Hernandez de Giron

Piura, Peru, South America


My husband suffers from high blood pressure since many years.

He used to take two pills, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

But with the practice of the Homa fires, he has not needed to take blood pressure pills for two years. I only give him a capsule filled with Agnihotra ash in the morning and

sometimes also at night and his pressure is controlled.

Recently, when we were in the city of Chiclayo, we ran out of cow dung cookies and so I could not do Agnihotra and there was no ash.

So, my husband did not take the Agnihotra capsules and his face began to turn red, and he said that he was dizzy. His blood pressure went up to 16. He had to take the pills.

Now, back in Piura, taking the Agnihotra ash capsules, his blood pressure is normal again,

between 13 and 14. I give him this Agnihotra ash capsule every day.

My grandson studies medicine and when he is a little depressed and stressed about

exams, I also give him one of these capsules and he feels better and calmer.


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