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Benefits of blowing Shankh (Conch Shell)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

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Friends blowing of Conch Shell is religiously important in Hindu families.

It is believed that blowing the conch shell destroys the harmful element in the environment and brings positive energy. But few people know that it is good for health.

1. Muscles get stronger

Blowing conch shell is good for urinary tract, bladder, lower abdomen, diaphragm, chest and neck muscles. It exercises all these organs. Most importantly, it strengthens the rectal muscles.

2 Expands lung muscles

Blowing the conch shell puts pressure on the prostate area and improves prostate health. It helps prevent prostate enlargement. Keeps lungs healthy and expands lung muscles and increases breathing capacity.

3 Improvement in Thyroid Gland

Playing conch shell exercises the thyroid gland and vocal cords.

4 Clarity of speech

This gives clarity in our speech and eliminates speech related problems. Children who stutter should be given conch playing to improve their speech.

5 Wrinkles

Get rid of Fine lines are automatically removed as the facial muscles are pulled while playing the conch shell.

6 Skin diseases are cured

Keep water filled in the conch overnight. Massage the body with this water in the morning. It cures skin diseases.

7 Relieves Stress

Playing the conch shell removes all the thoughts from the head and helps in reducing stress.

8 Negativity is removed

When the conch is blown, it emits a sound that removes negativity and spreads positivity in the house.

8.Prevention of Heart Attack

Regular conch sheller is not at risk of heart attack. Blowing the conch opens all blockages.

Refer the below process of Conch blowing during sunrise and sunset while performing Agnihotra

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