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Coronary Ischemia and Acute Myocardial Infarction) Audo Quesada

(Coronary Ischemia and Acute Myocardial Infarction)

Audo Quesada

Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia,

South America

I started practicing Homa Therapy about 2 years ago. I had suffered a heart attack (coronary ischemia and acute myocardial infarction) without medical explanation. I am an athlete, I practice yoga since 18 years and I handled stress well.

However, a separation or emotional problem can create such damage. I did not know how to handle a separation and I went into a depression. After 3 months I had the heart attack.

The doctors could not do anything. 60% of the heart died – 50% of the left side and 10% of the right side.

I recovered slowly. I started the practice of yoga in this park (Los Fundadores). Now we have a fixed group of 45 people and a transitional group of 35 people doing yoga here.

The practice of Homa Therapy has also increased the members of the yoga group – why?

Because we share the Homa fires with others as we received them. There is an axiom that says that ‘he who does not live to serve, does not de-serve to live’. This is one of the prerogatives we must keep in mind.

The Homa Fires help us to serve ourselves and serve our neighbors, to heal ourselves and help heal others. This is called a Blessing.

When we do this process, we get the healing Agnihotra ash and we distribute it freely to everyone. No one is paying. This is not a business. You will realize this when you have your own Agnihotra pyramid and are helping yourself and helping your family, your neighbors and the world. This is a very small investment. I had to invest more than 9 000 000 for my heart problem. And here, you have to invest is almost nothing, 180 000 pesos for an Agnihotra kit with all things included.

This way, I get my medicine daily. That heart problem caused me insomnia, I did not sleep. In other words, I slept an hour or so, then I was awake.

My surprise was when Diana Molano invited me to the departmental assembly, because Prof. Abel and Aleta had arrived to give a Homa Therapy presentation. I said let’s see, because I like this kind of natural things. We participated and everything was very beautiful. The next morning, I woke up with the song of the little birds. Oh my God, I wondered what time it was? Because I had fallen asleep and slept through the whole night, like a little angel. It was 10 minutes to 6 am and I run to the park to participate in Agnihotra. And the next night the same, and the following night the same.

Then I told Diana, please get a Agnihotra kit for me and I invited everyone to our Yoga Center on Thursday. Thus 45 people arrived at the inauguration of Homa Therapy. Now we are practicing Homa Therapy for two years at the Samadhi Yoga School. This year, in January, when I went through tough heart medical tests, Holter and stress tests, and so on, the doctors said they had been wrong with my previous exams, because now 48% of the heart is working.!!!

Maybe? But these miracles happen with Homa Therapy. This is not to believe, it is a technique which has to be done with discipline. You can see the results for yourself without believing, without belonging to any specific religion. I received the benefit through the Homa Fires, this Vedic ancestral medicine.


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