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Experience of Agnihotra by Shruti

Shruti Arun from Kerala connected with Satvam Bharat started performing Agnihotra on 24th November 2022..

After regular performance of evening Agnihotra, I happened to observe several positive changes in my life. One of them being, the sudden aversion towards non-vegetarian food. I was a person who was fond of meat and fish. But, a week after performing the sacred evening Agnihotra homam, I started developing feelings of repugnance towards non-vegetarian foods. It's been over a month since I started performing Agnihotra and I feel very energised and positive among other things. I have started moving towards a vegetarian diet and no longer have sudden hunger pangs. Overall, both mentally and physically I feel like a better version of myself and would like to share this message with the world.

I think just like human beings, even animals have their own life and we should try and not cause harm to them. I believe the karmic cycle is a strong one. Do good and good will come to you.

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