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Homatherapy for de-addiction

Ana Maria Alvarado’s Story

Medellin, Colombia

South America

(alcoholism, tobacco, drug addiction)

(Excerpts from her conversation with a youth group, which is being rehabilitated with Homa Therapy.)

“I took drugs, liquor, tobacco, everything. The rehabilitation experience for me was very difficult; freeing myself from all these things. I recommend you to value Homa Therapy in this process, because it really helps, it really takes away the anxiety. It helps to keep focused on what is good for you. It helps to remove those things that we do not want and helps us to attract the things we need.”

“For me, Homa Therapy has been a wonderful, God given gift, because I used to get well, then fall back, get well again and fall back again several times. But now I have Homa Therapy on my side. It is an ally in my life, because now I really do not want to take more drugs. I prefer the feeling the Homa fires give me, which is better than smoking a joint, drinking or taking any drug. It is better to feel good, have a clear and stable mind.”

“Homa Therapy is a tool. It’s not by chance that you are learning about this magic. For me the Homa fires are real magic from God. I think we should give us more room and time for silence. Enjoy this beautiful landscape to walk, to connect with your higher power, your beliefs, with the nice things you have in your heart and empower them. Do not miss the target you came here for – to get rid of the monster that is the addiction.”

“It is my pleasure to be here and tell you that I understand, that I’ve been there where you are and that you can free yourself and that you can make it. Om Shree.”


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