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Homatherapy helps Depression and Cancer

(Depression, Cancer)

Rosario Francia Nolasco

Primary Care Center of Carabayllo EsSalud Paul Nogier, Complementary Medicine Service

Carabayllo, Lima North, Peru,

South America

I’m 54 years old. I came with deep depression to Dr. Jorge Torres. I was detected with uterine cancer 14 years ago. 6 years later cancer was found in my left breast, which then was removed. I also had kidney problems. And last year, 2019, they detected lung cancer.

Thank God, Homa Therapy helped me a lot. It gives me good energy and I’m moving on. I know that Homa Therapy is helping me because I got to expel the tumors from the lungs.

There were two things that I expelled through my mouth when I was already with Homa Therapy and drinking the Agnihotra ash with water. I never thought this would happen, but it happened thanks to God and thanks to Homa Therapy. I also thank Dr. Torres, who supports us a lot!

Before that happened, a biopsy was done showing that I had cancer in the lungs. After having thrown out these things, another biopsy was performed and they found that I no longer had cancer. Now I am also sleeping well and I am very happy.


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